Working with Children

Infants and Children: One of my dreams is to be able to provide a craniosacral treatment to more newborns. Whether birth is vaginal or caesarian all infants would benefit from a treatment to help resolve any residual birth problems. The effects of the stresses and strains incurred in the craniosacral system during the birth process are not always immediately evident. Early treatment can ameliorate conditions such as ear infections, gastroesophageal reflux, and colic. Issues generally resolve much more quickly in infants and children than in adults.

Treatments are quite gentle and very respectful. Children need to have a sense of safety and containment for the deeper work to occur. With many years of physical therapy experience of working with infants and children in their homes, I have developed expertise in helping them to feel comfortable and to settle in my presence.

Some of the conditions in children that respond to craniosacral therapy are:

  •     Colic
  •     Gastroesophageal Reflux
  •     Ear Infections
  •     Developmental Delays
  •     Attention Deficit Disorder
  •     Autism Spectrum Disorders
  •     Cerebral Palsy
  •     Down Syndrome
  •     Learning Disorders
  •     Birth Traumas
  •     Attachment Disorders

I am always available for a free phone consultation to answer your questions and to provide additional information.